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Set up your theme/goal

Choose some experiences from your Japanese-Language Education that you could or you would like to learn something from. You can verbalize your lessons by looking back on your experiences using TAE.
Some of experiences you pick up in this process will be your TAE theme. You can change your theme and words later. Please take some brief notes for this.
Example:Elementary Japanese-Language class in last Spring semester, One week teaching practicum at Japanese-language school, Open class on February 10th , Tutoring dissertation of Learner B, Giving responses to Learner A in class, etc.

After deciding your theme, choose the course you would like to follow
Choose the course
When it is difficult to decide your theme, you can choose it while filling out the Life Form.
Life Form

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Read the description of how to use TAE

You can do this by your self, or with your partner as a group.

Set up your theme/goal

You can learn what you find valuable by reviewing your Japanese teaching experience.

Choose the course

15 courses you can start in only 15 minutes

Start reviewing and implement TAE

Fill out worksheets following the instruction.